Pregnancy Gifts

The pre-birth Maternity Boxes curated by Primrose + Ginger are made for mums-to-be as mum-to-be gifts. These pregnancy pamper hampers overflow with natural and organic pregnancy-safe goodies and make the perfect gifts for any proud new mum or mums who are still on their pregnancy journey.

If you are shopping for a pregnancy essential treat for yourself or as a gender reveal gift or simply a gift for a friend or partner, then a Primrose + Ginger mum-to-be hamper is the best place to begin and end your journey. Visit our website now and buy the Best Gift Box For New Mums Online that you can find.

They lift your mood on down days, help you celebrate your up days and contain treats that are right for just about any occasion and you can can rest assured that nothing in out ranges with harm you, your condition or your unborn baby. We place emphasis on ensuring we only work with premium quality products and suppliers because nurturing and protecting your baby and you during pregnancy is of the utmost to us.

Check out our early trimester products or pre-birth range including Earth Love and Morning Star. These two rebirth maternity boxes products have been made by UK craftsmen and small UK businesses, as we actively and continually strive to support as many small UK manufacturers as we can. When you shop with Primrose + Ginger you're supporting a small business too.