Collection: Pregnancy Gift Boxes | Primrose + Ginger Pregnancy Gift Collection

A pregnancy gift curated by Primrose + Ginger is special. Not only does it comprise organic, natural, plant-based and pregnancy safe products, but we also put together pregnancy gift boxes which serve to protect every mum-to-be and new mum from both within and without.  We expressly curate pregnancy gift boxes that serve to ease the mind, support the evolving pregnant body, nurture the spirit and heal wherever necessary.

In our view, the best kind of pregnancy gift, is the gift that does not require a mum-to-be to have to do anything more than she would normally do. It is the gift that lets her do her whatever she might do under normal circumstances, just more carefully, beautifully, elegantly and safely. A Primrose + Ginger gift is also the gift that thinks about her and the stage of development of the baby. This is in the detail, for example, the herbal teas she consumes from a pregnancy gift box by Primrose + Ginger will add value to her situation whether she is calming her morning sickness or easing the colic that her baby may be experiencing.

We believe in delivering excellence throughout pregnancy and therefore each pregnancy gift:

  • is full-sized and can be used and reused time and time again
  • is trimester-related
  • is glass-based, recyclable and seeks not to damage our environment
  • is derived from organic, natural and healing herbs
  • brings peace and calm during any key trimester,
  • delivers regular “me-time” for new mums and mums to be during a time when anxiety and stress is at the forefront and back of their minds.

Pregnancy is the one time when her world should be filled with peace, calm and joy, unfortunately it is often a time of worry and anxiety for most mothers to be.  That is why Primrose + Ginger is always focused on curating the best pregnancy gift for the ultimate wellbeing of the mum-to-be.

Few mums-to-be realise the impact of their everyday routines on their unborn baby, be it skincare or stress levels. They are not aware that the significant majority of what they put in their bodies or on their skin goes into their precious baby. We know this, so we set out to curate the best pregnancy gift or set of pregnancy gifts that we could find.

At Primrose + Ginger we seek to raise the self-care standard for all mums-to-be and so we not only curate the excellent products but they arrive beautifully gift-wrapped because we know that happy mamas have happy babas❤️.

If a mum-to-be matters to you gift her a "scentsational" Primrose + Ginger pregnancy gift box today and make sure you know which trimester she is in, so your pregnancy gift brings joy and peace and happiness into their world at just the right time.