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How to get through 9 Months of Pregnancy as a Dad-to-be!

How to get through 9 Months of Pregnancy as a Dad-to-Be!

So, you’ve found out that your partner is expecting and the thought of holding a mini version of yourself in your arms is exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking.

You want to hug her and hold her and say thank you because you’re grateful and excited but you don’t know what else to do. In truth, it’s probably going to take a while to sink in, and you’re going to be at a bit of a loss as to what to do for her, as you really don’t know what she needs now she’s pregnant, much less how she’s feeling. What you do know is that you don’t want get her something gives her cause to roll her eyes again! This is when you begin to embrace the art of working out what a meaningful and thoughtful pregnancy gift is for your partner.

But where do you begin?

Knowing which pregnancy gift to give is akin to walking a tightrope and, like most males before you, you’re going to struggle on a legendary level with the nine months road to childbirth, so we figured a heads up is what is needed because NO, it’s really not enough to just get her a wilting bunch of tulips on a Friday evening.  She’s pregnant, her hormones are quietly raging as she is coming to grips with CHANGE in a BIG way. In short, she NEEDS to be made to feel special! In fact, YOU need to make her feel special.

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You can’t just buy her a bottle of alcohol-free wine, while you guzzle on your beer and binge on PlayStation because again that shows little or no thought. It's also too early to just buy her a set of bra and knickers two sizes up from M&S to keep things interesting because she’s already feeling ‘bigger” than she’s used to and that is hard for a lot of women!  So, this is where you need to begin to understand the art of staying out of trouble during the nine months uphill struggle you’re going to be facing and pregnancy gift box is a great starting point but which one?

Which Pregnancy Gift box makes the best Pregnancy Gift Box?

In truth, there is no clearly defined path that works for every expectant mum-to-be, nor a clear set of expectant mum-to-be gifts you can turn to, but somewhere along the pregnancy road, it would be wise for you, as a dad-to-be, to start thinking in terms of:

  • flat shoes not six-inch slingbacks – swollen ankles are a real thing!
  • back rubs not chocolates because backache means exactly what it says
  • quiet evenings in with your lady (we don’t mean your PlayStation) and fewer boy’s nights out!
  • more loose-fit clothing and less thigh high and tight (for whomever)
  • more peaceful, more calming experiences and less getting riled up over who’s wrong in Ozark!

Tread carefully dad-to-be and you’ll get through this. But you are going to have to go out of your way to make her feel like you care about her wellbeing on this pregnancy journey because she will be going through things you can’t even imagine. So our research shows that

"giving her two or three pregnancy gifts during her nine months journey puts you on the way to scoring significant brownie points and saves you from having to deal with all that touchy, feelie and emotive stuff that you don’t actually have much time or room for?"


The pregnancy gift answer is simple:

Firstly, find yourself a company that specialises in quality pregnancy gifts. So, what says quality to a mum-to-be?

  1. A company that sends everything beautifully gift wrapped.A Primrose + Ginger pregnancy box with a beautiful green bow showing packaging
  2. A specialist that curates pregnancy gifts which are trimester-based and weigh in at around a solid 2kg on average, that’s no insignificant weight.
  3. A pregnancy gift box that is filled with luxe organic and natural skincare and lifestyle products in beautiful glass bottles that are pregnancy-safe.
  4. One that says I genuinely care about you and bubba on opening!
  5. And above all, one that ignites her curiosity and soul each time she gets to open a pregnancy gift box. Oh, and by the way did we mention that they do gift boxes for postpartum too! Our-bad!
  6. Last but not least, they won’t add plastic insult to ocean-injury!

Secondly, you’ll want to find products that look cheap. This is of almighty importance. Anything “craftsy” from “Etsy” is not going to make the cut. “Notonthehightstreet” isn’t going to get you in her good books either (just saying)!

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So, let’s cut to the CASH:

Choose something she would want for herself. You should be looking at spending about a ton but if you’re clever and you sign up to the mailing list, you’ll probably get a good 10%-15% off your first purchase and be advised about other deals over time.  Unsubscribe once the baby is born. Now if you can’t spend about £80 a couple of times on the two most important people in your life, ask yourself, what is she doing having YOUR offspring? Let’s face it, you blow that on coffee and beer each month without batting an eyelid!

Last, but not least, see if the pregnancy gift company you find will talk to if you special requests, because if it does that saves you having to worry about what is going to arrive and when. These special gems are going to arrive, keep arriving and keep surprising her until the little one is born.

Job done. We found one company that fits the bill…

Email:  or just shop consciously at:




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