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Desperately seeking stylish pregnancy gifts that come beautifully gift-wrapped? Then worry no more, you're in the right place with Primrose + Ginger. Our pregnancy gifts are specifically curated for mums-to-be and new mums. As long as she's special to you, you'll leave happy in the knowledge that you've found beautiful and thoughtful pregnancy pamper hampers overflowing with natural and organic pregnancy-safe goodies. What more could a stylish mum to be or new mum want?

A Primrose + Ginger gift box will lift any mood on a down day and being pregnant there might be a few of those, and they will help you celebrate your up days. By default, they contain healing and nurturing herbal and organic treats, such as clary sage, lavender and many more provided naturally by Mother Nature. No synthetics, making them safe for any mum to be or new mum that is focused on protecting herself and her baby during and after her pregnancy. 




We consider that every pregnancy is a gift which is why we place emphasis on ensuring we only work with premium quality producers who understand the importance of nurturing and protecting your baby and you during pregnancy. We understand how important it is to feel cherished and supported during this 9 month journey.

So whether you are shopping for a pregnancy treat for yourself or for a friend at work or your partner, you simply can't go wrong because a Primrose + Ginger mum-to-be hamper or pregnancy gift is the best place to start and finish your journey, not because there is so much to choose from but also because they are thoughtfully curated.

Check out our early trimester products which include Earth Love and Morning Star.

These two pregnancy gift boxes are perfect for those formative weeks and months and you are building a routine that works for you. Once you are into your third term you should be shopping for Starlight and if you're joining us postpartum, don't worry you haven't missed out because the gorgeous Fire Joy is perfect for you.

Primrose + Ginger pregnancy gifts are made by UK craftsmen and socially conscious UK suppliers. So when you shop with Primrose + Ginger, you're supporting UK business too! Buy one today.