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Maternity-based corporate gifts are a vital part of the Maternity Leave process. The decision to leave early or work from home more can also happen at so many different stages of the pregnancy journey. For example, someone might need to leave early for health reasons, while others stay almost until the point of giving birth. It is for these reasons that we curate trimester-specific maternity gift boxes at Primrose + Ginger. They just make sense and you as the gift buyer you can tailor your budget to the trimester that you believe matters most to your staff member.

By simply emailing us, we can quickly and easily arrange for any of our different maternity gifts to arrive on agreed dates at  pre-agreed locations. All we need to know is the key details: who, where and which gift(s). So simple.

No request is ever deemed too difficult or too small to handle. All you need to do is trust us with your corporate maternity gifting needs.

Choose from a range of beautifully packaged, organic, purpose-filled and practical products created to specifically support your staff, clients or business partnerships: mind:body:soul, as expectant mothers-to-be or as new mothers. The feel good factor associated with receiving any of the Primrose + Ginger Maternity Gifts is second to none.

Whenever you send a luxury organic, vegan-friendly, pregnancy-safe and pregnancy-specific corporate gift by Primrose + Ginger to congratulate your staff, colleagues, clients and new partnerships, you are setting the new standard in what is corporate gifts giving.

Corporate gifts are a clear demonstration of how much you value  your staff and the degree to which you want to be appropriately involved in the celebration of the impending birth. 


It is important to celebrate your staff, clients and/or business partners with either a single maternity gift box or, a set of trimester-based Primrose & Ginger Maternity Gift Boxes, curated to make every expectant or new mother feel wonderfully uplifted and cherished throughout her journey to becoming a mother.


Our Corporate Maternity Gifts Service includes:

* Exclusive Discounts by Value Thresholds:

Spending over £350? Get 15% off

Spending over £750? Get 25% off

Spending over £1,000? Simply email us to outline your specific requirements:    



* PLUS: Complimentary Gift Wrapping & Personalised Messages

Each maternity gift box comes beautifully gift-wrapped and can include a variety of personalised message from individual staff, a departmental team or your organisation.

Simply add clear instructions to your online order at checkout, or email us at: to set up an account, or for any specific corporate gift requests.


* Free Next Day Delivery

With a Corporate Gifts account, you get FREE Next Day Delivery to a mainland UK address. If you wish for us to despatch to individual home addresses, simply email us at:

Alternatively, we can despatch multiple maternity gifts or maternity gift boxes to a single address, say to your HQ in Canary Wharf, Aberdeen or wherever you run your business. Additionally, if you'd like a custom box made up for you, we can happily do that too, just email us your requirements and one of the Corporate Service team will come straight back to you ASAP! 

* For More Details

Simply email the Corporate Service Team at:



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