Collection: Feeling Sore

Few women forget the experience of giving birth. 

Soreness from Natural births, C-Sections and/or Breastfeeding?

Help is at hand.

With a natural birth or with a c-section you may experience sutures or be living with sore and tender places. To aid you, in the event of having a natural birth, you can choose Mother Nature's delicate yet effective power from chamomile flowers. Alternatively, you can soak in a long warming bath to ease your discomfort.

If you're also trying to breastfeed while recovering from a postpartum experience and experiencing poor latching, don't be alarmed as this happens all of the time and you are definitely not alone.

To resolve difficulties such as cracked sore nursing nipples, use a pair of 999 pure silver nipple cups for natural and steady support for and relief from pain. No need to resort to creams or lotions that might distract baba's taste buds.