Our Vision, Mission & Values

Why Primrose + Ginger Exists

We live in a world where women compete with men while quietly battling against issues such as period pain, pregnancy and menopause. This is Womanhood and this is what we have to embrace.

Womanhood, to us, means no longer hiding the conditions we biologically face, which can hold many of us back for weeks, months and even years at a time. Womanhood directly and positively impacts in society and we are re-positioning ourselves as the change-makers we are.


Our vision is a world where all aspects of womanhood can be celebrated openly and honestly. Where equality means that we recognise and hold a candle to the unequal norms against which women fight on a daily basis.


Our mission is to help women unveil their inner beings by identifying opportunities which positively uplift and constructively support them on their journeys through womanhood, no matter their age. We are beginning our journey at the beginning with pregnancy.



  • Show kindness to women and planet.
  • Show compassion.
  • Allow their inner as well as outer beauty to shine.
  • Surprise and delight women.
  • Nurture female intellect.
  • Bring peace and joy to the lives of women and thereby to humanity.
  • Bring smiles to faces each and every day no matter their condition.
  • Change our human future for the better.


Today, expectant and new mothers trust Primrose & Ginger to save them time and remove the worry by doing that work for them. Mothers are kept up-to-date on mindfully-made, skin, health and emotionally-conscious brands that are practical, convenient and respectful to our planet, its people and her unborn. We work to support, protect and strengthen mothers in mind, body and spirit throughout the four key trimesters (the fourth one being her postpartum needs including breastfeeding, healing, and the every day requirements of post-birth recovery).

We work with UK-based suppliers including small independent businesses, socially conscious entities and cooperatives which share our philosophy and create great products using natural, organic and, where possible, botanical solutions to age-old motherhood and pregnancy-related issues, just the way Mother Nature intended.

Primrose & Ginger identify, source and introduce new, natural and ethically-produced brands, which have, for the most part, been created locally with consideration for our planet and our carbon footprint. We, therefore, seek to reduce risks, solve pregnancy-related issues in the most positive and ethically conscious way we can.