Our Story

Natural Wellbeing In Pregnancy Gift Boxes.

Primrose + Ginger curate pregnancy gift boxes for new and expectant mothers from products based on natural and organic ingredients to support self-care during this important creative process. We deliver those solutions that unequivocally deliver natural healing, nurturing and wellbeing to all mothers to be.

Few people including expectant and new mothers that their babies pick up on the energies of their mothers from within the womb. If mama is consumed by worry, doubt and anxiety for example, that will manifest in baba's behaviour. We therefore strive to build a world where all mothers-to-be are at peace and happiness during their pregnancy journey, as the impact of them not being at peace weighs on humanity as a whole.

Our aim is to deliver joy, happiness and peace through the provision of organic, botanical and natural spa-like experiences at home. We seek to positively contribute to the bringing of peaceful, joyful and loving babies into this world and that is a beautiful thought for us because it means we are curating pregnancy gift boxes to support that process of wellbeing, bringing new life and greater love to our planet. 

From a practical perspective, our intention is to make life easier for expectant mothers by sourcing purposeful brands and products which seek to:

  • actively maintain skin health and wellbeing

  • offer natural and effective approaches to postpartum healing

  • support on-going decisions e.g. breastfeeding, not breastfeeding

  • elevate emotional and spiritual wellbeing during and post pregnancy

  • be respectful and considerate of our planet for our children’s sake

  • undertake limited production runs to reduce waste, not wasteful mass production

  • use premium quality ingredients

  • be cruelty free, vegan-friendly and plastic-free.


We source from local businesses, independent craftsmen, as well as socially-conscious projects. We work with start-ups as well as established female owned and run businesses that have a philosophy similar to ours, so we can all build meaningful success and grow together.

Where possible and practical, we work with natural and recycled materials, and by keeping our focus on UK partners, we are trying to minimise our impact on our environment. This is not possible in every conceivable product category but we do our best.

In curating products which are ethically-made, planet-conscious and natural for expectant mothers, we are trying our best to support this generation and those to come. So when you choose to shop and/or gift through Primrose + Ginger, you are choosing to give future generations and many new and UK-businesses a fighting chance.

Conceived in the middle of the global pandemic, Primrose + Ginger launched in May 2021, choosing to celebrate life by supporting those in the process of bringing life and love to our world. We are a small, female-owned and led, family business in London.

Our pregnancy gift boxes are for supporting wellbeing and self care during a 9 month journey that can be complicated and chaotic for so many reasons. We strive to create simplicity and elegance by curating from natural, organic and eco-conscious products which support new and expectant mothers striving for greater well-being in pregnancy and beyond.

Thank you for living and shopping consciously while celebrating life, light and love. 

The Primrose + Ginger, Pregnancy Gift Box Team xx