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If you're looking for a new mum gift and you'd like it presented in a "scentsational" as well as beautiful maternity gift box, you're in the right place. Fire Joy has been specifically curated to deliver self-care in postpartum.

This new mum gift is functional and filled with an array of full-sized products which pamper and heal a new mum in mind body, and soul. So, if you're a new mum looking for a serious postpartum box gift that actively supports you and address your perineal needs, choose Fire Joy.



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In addition to the Primrose + Ginger postpartum box, we also offer is Starlight, which also comes luxuriously gift-wrapped making it an absolute pleasure to open, use and revel in in those key weeks and months prior to giving birth.

Both boxes are preparatory and contain healing and recovery products. The Primrose + Ginger Collection of beautiful yet practical new mum gifts is broad ranging from our postpartum boxes which gives a new mother all the support she deserves to Morning Star and Earth Love which is a perfect new mum to be gift . These two boxes transition you through trimesters one and two.

These maternity gifts are curated to overflow with natural, herbal, organic and botanical ingredients which actively support pregnancy and postpartum recovery, making them perfect for any new mum. There are organic and botanical ingredients, which support your baby while you are carrying them and afterwards when they are facing digestive issues such as colic.

In fact, each of these new mum gifts contain products which have been specifically designed to help baby, such as the organic herbal teas and soaks, so any new mum may use them freely during and post pregnancy, while nurturing and breastfeeding her baby.

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If you know someone who is in trimester three of their pregnancy or has recently given birth to show how much you really care about their wellness with Fire Joy or even Starlight, our maternity gift.

Remember, every new mum needs a little help and support on their pregnancy journey, even if she doesn't admit it. Choosing a postpartum box requires serious consideration because a new mum is going through a lot of emotional as well as physical changes, being able to present her with a postpartum box that is focused on self-care. It is useful, practical and thoughtful just got beautiful and easier with Primrose + Ginger.

You might even try Starlight as an excellent maternity gift that honours a very special birthing occasion! It is uplifting, healing and functional. Choose Fire Joy for use after giving birth, as the postpartum gift that understands postpartum.

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