Brand Partnerships

Do you have an organic or botanically-based self-care product that could be a natural fit with the Primrose + Ginger Pregnancy Self-Care range of products? 

We only accept pregnancy-safe products. Get in touch if your product is: 

  • natural
  • certified organic
  • vegan  

We'll email a list of all the ingredients, we won't touch because we only the good stuff for our mums to be, they have a tough enough job of creating and nurturing a baby without all the toxins that come with some products!  

The only thing we love more than discovering new brands is getting to know the founders behind them. We look for passionate, authentic producers, with a knack for harnessing the power of nature.

When it comes to pregnancy self care, only the best will do for our Mamas because we know you can have it all:

  • safety
  • sustainability
  • efficacy
  • beautifully
Just as Mother Nature intended.


If you think you might fit the bill tell us about yourselves and your product(s) and why you might be an interesting fit for us.