Postpartum Gifts from Other Cultures

Postpartum Gifts from Other Cultures

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is an important practice called “Confinement” which dates all the way back to the year 960.  This practice takes place during what Westerners call the postpartum period. According to TCM, new mums are more susceptible to cold air, which can adversely affect their health and wellbeing. So, for at least one month, usually 40 days, after giving birth, new mothers are expected to remain indoors, where she can rest, heal and recover from childbirth.  During this time, the new mother is advised to “sit” to rebuild her energy and to follow special diet guidelines. They are encouraged to not do very much while healing. They are also advised to not eat cold foods. Aside from cold foods, there are also other foods which should not be consumed including watermelon and bananas.

In Chinese Medicine  diet and nutrition are key aspects of the postpartum phase. Great emphasis is placed on postpartum gifts for new mums and postpartum foods which stimulate the production of natural breast milk. In many cultures, fennel and fenugreek are well known herbs for use in stimulating breast milk production. Stews are also an important part of recovery foods, because they are to be eaten warm, filling and nutrition when done correctly.  They are encourages to eat vegetable, fish and meat stews. Protein is important at this stage of the pregnancy and postpartum journey.  London-based, pregnancy and postpartum specialists in nutrition and diet, FOODprofile, work with new mothers in a way that makes the whole process of natural healing, recovery and weight loss simpler and quicker than on most other western diets.

At FOODprofile, nutritionists work with new mothers to ensure they take the guesswork out of eating healthily for baby and for themselves. Food choices are based on what the mother’s body can readily process to ensure that natural infant feeding and achieving a satisfactory weight loss is easier, once baby has been born. Nurturing themselves and their babies becomes simpler, easier and more effective.

By working with FOODprofile, new mothers take the guesswork out of any desire to return to a more natural weight, while focussing on providing good nourishment for themselves and nurturing for the baby, because looking after a little baby can be tiring and time-consuming.


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