This pregnancy gift is “soulful, thoughtful and beautifully designed”

This pregnancy gift is “soulful, thoughtful and beautifully designed”

At last, the mum to be gift that is soulful, thoughtful and beautifully designed

Primrose + Ginger is a mother and daughters’ business that has redefined the standard of what mum to be gifts should look like today because pregnancy can be a long and trying journey for some and every mum to be gift box of note should accurately reflect the different stages of development that the expectant mum is going through as a person, not just physically.

Getting a mum to be gift that delivers effectively to both inner and outer wellbeing is rare, yet that is exactly what you get from Primrose + Ginger, the new kid on the mum to be gifts block, has instantly achieved.

Our research shows that most mums to be prepare for their baby’s arrival  and focus on having the nursery set up, an array of soft toys, as well as countless cute little outfits. Invariably however, they will overlook their own personal needs and push to the back of their minds any little anxieties they have about the little person growing within them.

Pregnancy is therefore the time when a partner or family member should get involved and recognise that your mama to be may need a little lifting of her spirit. She won’t focus on herself because she won't even realise that she should. However, you can change that and shine a light on her and a little less on the baby every now and then. You can do your bit and make her feel happier in her heart and more comfortable in her being, just by giving her mum to be gifts with meaning. Did you even realise that the happier mum to be is, the happier your new baby will be. Why is that? Because babies sense and reflect the myriad of energies and emotions from within her womb.

When you first discover the special pregnancy wellbeing gifts by Primrose + Ginger, there is no turning back because safety and beauty go hand in hand but safety does come first. These mum to be gifts are not only safe for mum, they are also safe for baby too. As the gift giver, you are also secure in the knowledge that those special persons in your life are being carefully looked after, not just practically and physically, but also thoughtfully and spiritually too.

Precious few ranges of trimester-specific mum to be gifts reflect the changing needs of a mother to be whose mind, body and spirit is adapting and adjusting to the “new being” being created. Consequently, you find everything from skincare, homewares, functional organic teas and even crystals because our wellbeing manifests in different ways which need to be treated differently. We are talking inwardly and outwardly.

Anyone that is 17-33 weeks into their beautiful journey, you should consider using Morning Star or Starlight, as they are both preparatory, bonding, multi-sensory and therapeutic in emphasis. Everything a mum to be needs to bring natural balance and calm to her being is precisely what she’ll get, which is why luxury experts such as @rosieinlondon described one of their boxes as “soulful, thoughtful and beautifully designed”. Products in the box cleverly support mothers to be subject to the stage of the baby’s development too.

 It really is a wonderful thing in any family’s life to receive the gift of a new baby, but getting a Primrose + Ginger mum to be gift is now coming in a close second!

Be happy. Shop mum to be gifts at Primrose + Ginger whenever you can for your special lady and baby to be!

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