Collection: Mum To Be Gifts | Buy Gift for a New Mum to Be

The best place to shop quality mum to be gifts is at Primrose + Ginger. You will find pregnancy pamper gifts which are wonderfully scented, filled with organic and botanical ingredients which make the best skin, face and body treats while seeking to nurture, protect and (eventually) heal the mum to be. Unlike most other maternity boxes, a Primrose + Ginger mum to be box comes beautifully gift wrapped, smells divine and contains full-sized organic and natural materials as standard. You will discover certified organic prenatal teas in delicate glass test-tubes to crystal stones, herbal bath soaks, perineal sprays and even candles! Everything can be used time and time again.




You will find the best collection of maternity gift boxes that suit every mum-to-be. They're beautiful and thoughtful because they're designed by women for women. They're eco-friendly and reusable, especially the Primrose + Ginger boxes which make perfect storage boxes.. These lifestyle-based pamper gifts contain everything that a mum needs during her pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

So shop this collection of mum to be gifts, they will be the best you can find in the UK. These precious pregnancy pamper gifts help you to focus on you, your life and your lifestyle because we all know how easy it is to lose sight of yourself when you become pregnant. Never forget you’re still you, you matter, you have needs and you need products that enhance who you are. Curated to be the best set of pregnancy gifts, these new mum gifts contain a very restricted range of essential oils which are known to be pregnancy safe. We've done this so you don't have to. By putting you and baby's needs first, you have one less thing to worry about.

A prestigious collection of maternity boxes contains everything a pregnant woman needs to prepare for labour, delivery and more. Ask renowned and trusted midwife, Illy Morrison, @mixing.up.motherhood Join our tribe today, sign up for our newsletter or shop and simply experience the joy of giving buying your first Primrose + Ginger box today.