How to heal during post-partum. 4th trimester post-pregnancy tips

40 Days of Post-Partum

You’ve just given birth whether naturally or through caesarean...CONGRATULATIONS... you’re an absolute trooper!  Under no circumstances should you think that what your body went through was an easy feat no matter how simple others may make it seem. Now you've entered the post-partum stage of your pregnancy.
Postpartum is never to be taken lightly. Your body and mind have been through immense stress and so the only thing we can advise is DO NOT RUSH these first few days of recovery. This means that social engagements and entertaining visitors can take a back seat, they shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind at this time (everyone will have their time to meet baby later). These precious moments of rest and recuperation are for you. Not only will your body need this tender loving care, but there will be multiple life adjustments to be made in relation to your baby
The next 40 days from birth should be a time to nourish your body back to health with as many nutritious and wholesome foods and soups as possible. 40 days post birth can also be referred to as your 4th Trimester, it is just as vital a stage to be considered as when you were pregnant with baby. Your uterus will begin to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size, but no one said it will feel great during the process, so use any free time to relax, soak up your new environment and get accustomed to this new version of you and your family. We're yet to meet to a mother who said her body returned exactly to pre-baby conditions however nursing your body back to health is critical, because in order to care for your new baby in the long run you'll need to put in the time in the short run to heal...don't worry though you’ll be fine x
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