Think You Can Choose a New Mum Gift?

How to Choose a New Mum Gift

Choosing a gift for a new mum is a wonderful way to express your affection, show your support and celebrate her journey into becoming a new mum. It is also really easy to get it wrong, that it fails to delight or surprise her.

Here are some thoughtful and practical ideas to help you choose the perfect gift correctly:

A. Consider Her Needs and Preferences

  1. Personal Preferences: Consider her style, hobbies, and personal tastes.  Does she enjoy reading, pampering, or perhaps a particular type of food? Remember, this may have changed during her pregnancy.
  2. Practicality: Think about what she might need during this time. Practical gifts that make her life easier are often greatly appreciated. Ask yourself:
    • What is she struggling with?
    • is there anything she is slower at and if so why?
    • What things irritate her more than usual?

    B. Gift Ideas for New Mums

    Comfort Items:
    1. Nursing Pillow: Provides support during breastfeeding and can help with positioning.  Practical components like nipple shields to protect her from sore and cracked nipples.  Alternatively, a simple pack of breast pads can give comfort, reduce her anxiety and prevent leakage.  Comfort items like these help as practical and valuable new mum gifts.
    2. Soft Robe and Slippers: Comfort is key during postpartum recovery.
    3. A Cosy Blanket: Perfect for those late-night/early morning feeds. 


      1. Spa KitBath salts, lotions, and face masks can help her
      2. Massage Voucher: A professional massage can be incredibly rejuvenating.
      3. Gift Box: a gift for any time in her pregnancy that is focused on self-care, wellness, or beauty.


            1. Books and Journals
            2. Parenting Books: Informative and supportive reads for new parents.
            3. Journal: A beautiful journal for her to document her thoughts, feelings, and baby’s milestones.

            Experience Gifts:

            1. Babysitting Voucher: Offer your time to watch the baby so she can have a break.
            2. Mommy-and-Me Classes: Yoga, music, or other fun activities she can do with her baby.

            Personal Touches:

            1. Handwritten Note: Ask about a heartfelt message in a gift box from Primrose + Ginger can mean a lot of meaning to your gift. They make it so easy, all you need to do is email your message and order number to:
            2. Customised Gifts: Personalised items like engraved baby keepsakes or custom-made clothing. 

            Practical Tips:

            1. Check Her Registry: If she has a baby registry, see if there are items still needed.
            2. Consult with Close Family or Friends: They might have insights into where she would prefer to shop and what she needs or wants.
            3. Consider Timing: Some gifts might be more useful immediately, while others can be appreciated later on.


            A thoughtful gift that acknowledges the new mum’s needs and preferences will show her that you care and support her during this very special time.

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