Maternity Gift Ideas To Give Your Newly Pregnant Partner

Maternity Gift Ideas To Give Your Newly Pregnant Partner

She's expecting your baby! Now, how can you give your partner a practical, thoughtful, and inspiring gift box? Let's find out…

You probably know that giving a baby shower for a mum to be is a great way to celebrate her pregnancy. But how do you choose between all those cute gifts? The answer is: with difficulty but help is at hand and here are some maternity gift ideas to consider especially when you’re choosing a pregnancy gift for your partner.

 Something she'll use right away:

A great starting point is to consider something practical that she can use immediately, especially if her baby bump is already showing. Maternity underwear or a comfortable pair of maternity jeans would be a thoughtful choice. These practical and durable items will be incredibly helpful throughout her pregnancy journey. While they may not be flashy as "maternity gifts," they show your consideration and care for her comfort.

Something she'll enjoy later:

Comfort is key during the nine-month journey and beyond. Opt for loose-fitting but stylish clothing that will make her feel good about herself. Let her be involved in the selection process, as the right fit is crucial, and it doesn't have to be a surprise. Encourage her to plan for special events and occasions, reminding her that she deserves to look and feel radiant, regardless of swollen feet or any other pregnancy challenges.

Something she'll never forget:

For a truly special gesture, consider gifting her a luxurious maternity gift box. This is a thoughtful and practical way to show your love and appreciation. However, be cautious when choosing one, as many options in the market may not be safe for pregnancy or environmentally friendly.

As a dad-to-be, you may or may not realise that the majority of everything your mum-to-be eats or puts on her skin in pregnancy is absorbed by your baby’s cells. Think about it, those young cells that are just beginning to form and take shape within her are absorbing ingredients that can effectively be “transformed” and cause damage to your baby. So, does it make sense to be thoughtless when it comes to the impact a maternity gift box can have on your baby?

However, since you’re here to find out how you can celebrate the person most involved in the pregnancy, we think you should focus on luxurious maternity gift boxes which make mamas feel cared for and uplifted by the gifts they receive. Filled with glass bottles, test tubes and recyclable packaging, your mama to be will enthralled by the uplifting thought that accompany, fill and overflow from these “scentsational” smelling gift boxes, especially those by us Primrose + Ginger.

Have fun gifting with FREE-from and pregnancy-safe offers.




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