The Guilt, The Worry and The New Mum Pamper Gifts?

The Guilt, The Worry and The New Mum Pamper Gifts?

Guilt, Worry and New Mum Pamper Gifts?

Do you even know how you feel about being pregnant or giving birth? Yes, you’re excited about the eventual gender reveal and/or baby shower and the possibility of getting lots of getting new mum gifts, although typically these don’t come until much later on, usually just before baby has arrived. Sadly, our research shows that during most of a pregnancy, the typical mum-to-be:

  • Feels guilt – is she doing enough?
  • Are family spending too much/little time and money on her?
  • Is fixated on hoping baby is healthy
  • thinks about the foods she’s eating (is it too much/too little?)
  • Worries about eating the right foods?
  • why she feels sick when her friend doesn’t?
  • is she using the right products on your skin?
  • Why is she the only one with swollen ankles in the ante natal class?
  • Will people judge you if you have a c-section?
  • Will anyone buy her the new mum gift she actually wants?

Honestly, the petty worries and the guilt are unceasing. On top of which, as a new mum to be, you want to ensure baba has everything before they’re born, from the cutest little outfits (for their social media “coming-out” appearances), to the matching nursery furniture (for more social media appearances) and the best set of soft educationally stimulating baby books and cuddly toys to match the calming aesthetics of their nursery, again for show on social media!

Add to that, the niggling concerns you have about going back to work or not going back, being able to cope with your job once your maternity leave is over, wondering whether you will be “forgotten” or overlooked for promotion if you’re not there, as well as whose nose, eyes and ears baby will have!  

Imagine “all of the above” taking place “nonstop” inside your head and on repeat for 40 weeks long or 280 days. You're not exactly being filled with good thoughts given that we only get 365 days in a whole year anyway! Are you really going to spend over three-quarters of that time worrying about things that either you can’t change or that on reflection don’t matter that much? 

What is clear is that if you are not careful during your pregnancy, way too much of your energy can be  spent worrying and that is not good because baby picks up on every single drop of little mama’s energies 😓😱  Honestly mama, one of the best things you can do is to stop stressing because whatever will be, will be, no matter how much you stress about it!

What goes on with you mentally, emotionally and physically during your pregnancy, can negatively or positively charge baby, so choose your thoughts and your energies wisely over the next nine months.  Choose to see the positives in every situation, make your experience as positive and as fun-filled as you can, so that more fun and positivity will likely come your way. There are so many opportunities for achieving such outcomes. Start by going for walks, meditating more, laughing and seeing the funny side when things don’t go your way and even paying attention to the little details of everyday things, like a simple flower or see yourself playing with little bubba’s tiny little toes. Choose to indulge your whims, the ones that make you happy, like finding the right new mum gifts or gift boxes. Seek enjoyment from every simple experience.

Our idea for pregnancy is to make it an experience that is wonderfully uplifting, yet calming and nurturing one. Worry less and accomplish more, just the way nature does.  So, from the very moment you open a Primrose + Ginger New Mum Pamper Gift you can smell and sense the thoughtfulness that comes from having this range of beautiful, purpose-filled and practical goodies that have been curated to specifically support you, mind, body and soul, as a mum-to-be.

Imagine yourself relaxing each evening with a set of new mum gifts from healing and preparatory soaks and sprays to scented organic candles and calming aromatic mists that you absolutely know are pregnancy-safe, natural, organic and botanical to support you and baby.  Stop for a moment and let your mind drink in the organic teas filled with Mother Nature’s herbs that comfort you and support or relieve baby.

When it comes to choosing from the range of new mum gifts by Primrose + Ginger, you’ll discover that these are no ordinary gifts because each box does all of the above and more and even arrives beautifully gift-wrapped and are as sustainable as they come too.  

Expert midwives like Illy Morrison, @mixing.up.motherhood, continually note that these new mum gifts are stunning” and “intention-filled There’s simply no way to experience the benefits of these new mum gifts without also experiencing a deep joy and calming change, which is exactly what you're looking for when you’re carrying your baby! You need to find peace and stay peace-filled. You need to find reasons to smile or even laugh at yourself, as those are the energies you want your baby to carry with them on their journey.

So, don’t carry the world on your shoulders when you’re pregnant, just carry your baby and fall in love with the Primrose + Ginger maternity gift box of your choice. Find peace in organic teas for breastfeeding, colic and/or nausea and "scentsational" joy in wonderfully scented candles, soaps and mists made with pregnancy safe herbals and organic ingredients. Cherish the healing and protective properties of botanical soaks, creams and healing perineal sprays. Feel good about using of sustainable, materials to create these beautiful gifts. 

For mind body and soul wellness in pregnancy choose new mum gifts: Morning Star or Earth Love. They cover trimesters 1 and 2. Graduate to Starlight when you are in trimester 3 to 4, this box is preparatory in focus, meaning it prepares you for giving birth. Fire Joy is perfect for after you have given birth and curated for postpartum healing. Enjoy every stage of your pregnancy.


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