When is the Best Time to Celebrate a Pregnancy?

Exactly when is the Best Time to Celebrate a Pregnancy?

Few people realise the degree to which maternity gifts matter in pregnancy and the process of creating new life. From the very beginning however, we have known that that inherently happy babies are born to happy and contented mothers. That being the case, and knowing that the energies and emotions a mother predominantly manifests (inwardly or outwardly) during her pregnancy directly impact her unborn, then logic dictates a clear need to celebrate, nurture and protect mothers throughout the entire 9 months of her pregnancy and a maternity gift and, eventually a postpartum gift box present the ideal way to do that.

At Primrose + Ginger we believe in the celebration of pregnancy during the pregnancy, not just after the birth. It is important to celebrating both mother and baby. All too often people in the UK still only celebrate the birth of the baby through baby showers and gender reveals, leaving the new mum as something of an afterthought! Not only, is this not a good look, the impact it has on the baby can be quite profound given the fact that happy mums-to-be have happier babies. Celebrate the pregnancy journey, the reaching of each key trimester in thoughtful and practical ways that make your mum-to-be a happier mum-to-be.

Primrose + Ginger are working hard to change those outdated notions, as we make the informed choice to celebrate and support:

  • every mum-to-be
  • every new mum 
  • new baby on our beautiful planet. 

These notions of support and celebration remain at the very forefront of our thinking when seeking new pregnancy products and suppliers for our unique maternity gifts.

The pregnancy products in a Primrose + Ginger maternity gift are invariably glass-based, recyclable, full-sized, practical and beautiful…always! You will find products that are filled with nature’s herbs, for healing and delivering a nurturing goodness that is hard to find. As mothers, we know that carrying a baby and giving birth are not easy processes, but they are always beautiful and for those reasons alone they should be enjoyed and celebrated from the very beginning of any pregnancy journey. This is why Primrose + Ginger deliver trimester-based maternity gifts that responds to the changing and evolving needs of the mum-to-be.

Whether this is the first time having a baby or not, there is so much we, as family, friends and colleagues, can and should do to support every mum-to-be on her pregnancy journey. By giving a thoughtful Primrose + Ginger maternity gift  you will have found the perfect way to make a mum-to-be feel loved throughout her pregnancy journey and it should not stop there because well-curated postpartum gifts are highly value to every new mum.

A postpartum gift box by Primrose +Ginger is therefore intended to:

-     support the healing of the new mum

-     nurture the new arrival and 

-     love our wonderful planet. 


Most Reviewed + Most Revered

Fire Joy by Primrose + Ginger is the stunning Postpartum Gift Box for New Mums.  It is a heavyweight (literally and figuratively speaking) and without doubt the Rolls Royce of postpartum gifting.  Weighing in at over 2kg, everything about it spells style, quality and elegance. From the very moment you open your Fire Joy gift box, everything about it says Joy for the new mum or mum-to-be.

The joy and excitement a mum-to-be feels discovering all the thoughtful gifts in a Fire Joy postpartum box is indescribable. They feel “special”, “loved” “cherished” and “cared about” and so much more, making it the perfect gift for a new mum adapting to the stresses and changes in her physical body, world and mind, never mind dealing with the real issues of feeding her baby and dealing with digestive issues. Emphasis is not just placed on the beauty of the gifts, as that goes without saying,  but also the clear and thoughtful understanding of how a new mum will feel while she is healing and needs practical support to functionality in mind, as well as her need to feel more like herself and at peace.

Each Primrose + Ginger maternity gift comes packaged in a beautiful box and has tremendous sentimental value beyond holding birthing products because we encourage new mums to collect and hold babies “first little everythings”. Storing their locks of hair,  little booties and head ties to scans and name tags is so easy with a Primrose + Ginger box.  

This maternity gift therefore also makes beautiful storage boxes which can be handed over to your children when they are leaving home. At that point they will know not only that you loved them but realise just how much!

Giving a Primrose + Ginger postpartum gift box is the giving of support and understanding.  


There are a variety of different maternity gifts for different stages of pregnancy and each is like giving a spa-like gift to a mum-to-be.

With mum presents for baby showers, holidays, or just because, here are the best gifts to buy a mum-to-be.


Best Picks for Postpartum Gifts

Best Postpartum Gift Box 

Best Picks for Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Gift

Why this Newcomer Postpartum Gift weighs straight in at No. 7  

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Fire Joy by Primrose + Ginger

The Fire Joy pregnancy gift ranks high on our list and those of so many midwives and new mums because of its postpartum healing, post-birth nurturing for baby and pre-birth protective qualities for mum and baby.

Calming scented mists refocus the mind in the labour ward and detract from the sterile surroundings you could be facing for hours. Once you have given birth, the luxurious breast pads which are  washable and wonderfully soft, will never fail to ease your pain.  The sprays and soaks are second to none when it comes to healing and pain relief. The fragrance of the lemongrass and wild jasmine luxury soap and body cloth in bamboo packaging speaks volumes of how to make yourself feel whole again. The herbs in the teas are for nurturing, easing baba’s digestive issues and your amethyst is for absorbing any negative emotions and supporting your transition to postpartum health with peaceful and calming energies, which are vital when nursing your new baby.

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Star Light by Primrose + Ginger

The Primrose + Ginger Starlight is the crème de la crème of maternity gifts ranking high on mum-to-be lists not only because its a “stunningly beautiful” maternity gift but also because its contents are “naturally healing”, “nurturing” and “protective of both mum and baby”. As maternity gifts go Starlight is hard to beat.

While it’s quite common to feel somewhat anxious in the early months of pregnancy, it is not good to carry that anxiety to full term because how a mother-to-be feels directly impacts on how your unborn experiences its formative days of life. 

Once you have safely reached 24/25 weeks and are into the third trimester of your beautiful pregnancy journey, you should have Starlight in your pregnancy arsenal. Like all Primrose + Ginger maternity gifts, this pregnancy gift is focused on encouraging early bonding, is preparatory in the sense that it helps the process of adjusting for birth and also supports post-birth healing. It is the ideal “hybrid” birth box as it transitions the mum-to-be gracefully and calmly into Trimesters 3 and 4. Starlight is the most popularly sold. These are not products that run risks, they are full-sized and above all safe for you, your unborn baby and our planet in mind. 

Starlight goes a long way to ensuring mind, body and self-healing in pregnancy and beyond. This is why it is our Number 1 top seller!

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Brighten up days, weeks and months of your mum-to-be with a stunningly beautiful, yet thoughtful maternity or postpartum gift:  Starlight by Primrose + Ginger. In fact, let's learn to celebrate your pregnancy for the 9 whole months!